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Hi, I'm August Bullock, a bankruptcy attorney in Santa Cruz and San Jose.  I've been a bankruptcy lawyer since 1988 and I have helped thousands of people solve their financial problems and get a fresh start.

Throughout the years, many of my bankruptcy clients have told me a similar story. They tell me how terrible they feel, how they never wanted to file bankruptcy, how they never expected to file bankruptcy, and how they have a lot of guilt and anxiety about the chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy process.

I am here to tell you while I truly  understand how badly you feel, you should keep in mind that those feelings don't really make any sense.

First of all, bankruptcy is not as horrible as you think. People have the idea it ruins their credit rating forever but this is simply not the case. 

Second, enormous  numbers of people are filing bankruptcy. Many of the people you know, people you work with, your acquaintances and neighbors, have filed bankruptcy and  just haven't told you.  Consider that in 2010 there were about 1.5 million bankruptcies in the US - more than one out of every 212 people. Actually the number of people filing was even higher, because a lot of bankruptcies are joint filings including a husband and wife.

Third: Many famous people have filed bankruptcy and went on to become leaders in their fields. Abraham Lincoln filed when he was a young man, and went on to become President. Donald Trump has filed bankruptcy for his businesses four times, became a TV star renowned for his financial acumen, and himself has ran for president. Songwriter Willie Nelson filed to free himself from a 16 million dollar tax debt. Rock star Tom Petty filed bankruptcy to rid himself of an oppressive recording contract, and was able to keep all the profits from his next album, "Damn the Torpedoes," which was a huge hit. Johnny Carson's side kick Ed McMahon  filed bankruptcy to save his home from foreclosure. Fighter Mike Tyson, musician MC Hammer, and talk show host Larry King have all filed. Walt Disney filed bankruptcy for his first movie company, and   Henry Ford filed at the age of 38, two year before he founded the Ford Motor company and revolutionized the automobile industry.

Speaking of companies, many of them have filed!  Most people have heard about the bankruptcies of Enron, GM, Lehman Brothers, Kodak, Hostess foods, Saab, American Airlines, MF Global, and Borders Books, and of course there are countless more.

Putting this together brings me to the next reason: You are not solely responsible for your financial problems. A lot of the responsibility lies with the banks and the government. The banks created the self destructive  policies that led to our economic woes, and the government did little or nothing to prevent the crisis from unfolding. As a consequence the government itself is running out of money and not likely to pay its debts in the future.

The good news is that you can get a fresh start and start over in bankruptcy. Many people are able to rid themselves of most of their debts and keep their property.
I hope this video will remind you things are really not as bad as they seem. Once you make up your mind to make the change in your life you will feel much better, and you will able to go on to accomplish many great things in the future.

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